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6. Bronx Zoo and Botanic Garden

The Bronx Zoo

Advice: the Botanic Garden is closed on Mondays.
Location: in Bronx district in Bronx Park. Exact address of the zoo: 2300 Southern Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10460; of the garden: 2900 Southern Blvd, Bronx, NY 10458.
How to get: to Bronx Zoo - "West Farms Sq" subway station, trains:  2   5 
Mark on the map: google-map (#6), map of the zoo: summer, winter.
Spend time: divide your day into halves: first go to the Zoo, then to the Garden, which closes one hour later, at 6pm.
Cost: admission to the Zoo is $23 and all-pass is $35 (full access to amusement rides and 4D Theater), admission fee to Botanic Garden is $20.

The Bronx Zoo and the Botanic Garden are located in the old Bronx Park. Usually the tourists visit both of them: first the Zoo and then the Garden, because it is one hour longer open. You can do it in reverse order. There are fewer tourists here but your excursion will be one hour shorter. It is difficult to describe these parks as they are considered to be the best ones in the world. You’d better come and visit them.
Get to "West Farms Sq." subway station and enter the Zoo via its southern entrance (there are a lot of entrances here), which is called Bronx Zoo's Asia gate entrance. Don’t forget to take the map of the Zoo. Keep in mind that the maps are different for different seasons: summer map, winter map. Cost of admission: $23 + extra fee for special attractions which are very important and interesting for tourists. So, if it is summer, we recommend you to buy all-pass ticket for $35 and enjoy your time. For more information visit the Bronx Zoo official site (10% ticket discount).
Opening hours: from 10am to 5pm (at the weekend to 5.30pm, in winter till 4.30pm).

If you want to get to the Botanic Garden you have to leave the Zoo via north gate “Fordham road Gate". You will see it straight across the road. But unfortunately this entrance is closed. So you have to walk 0.5 mile / 800 m more to get to another entrance. Turn left and go to the first crossing. Turn right and cross the road, go along the wall of the Botanic Garden until you reach its entrance. Cost of admission: $20. There is a Ground-only admission excluding exhibitions and other interesting things. Online is the only way to buy it. Grounds admission is free to everyone all day on Wednesdays. For more details visit an official website.
Opening hours: 10am to 6pm (closed on Monday, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Day).

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